One-To-One Consults with ‘SAE’s ASK THE EXPERTS’ – Navigating SAMHSA’s FY-22 CCBHC Grant Applications Process


As you’ve heard, this year SAMHSA has released not one, but two Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Grants (CCBHC).

New applicants will submit for the SM-22-002 Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic – Planning, Development, and Implementation Grants (CCBHC-PDI). Expanding applicants will submit for the SM-22-012 Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic – Improvement and Advancement Grants (CCBHC-IA). Both applications are due May 17, 2022.

We strongly recommend everyone read SAMHSA’s funding opportunity announcements carefully, and join the SAMHSA pre-application webinar right specific to your organizational needs:

ARE YOU READY? For new applicants in particular, it is important that you have or are now attaining your registration, DUNS number, SAM, and have your log-in for the ERA Commons


We are pivoting from a webinar format to ONE-TO-ONE CONSULTS with SAE’s ASK THE EXPERTS, helping you to navigate both of SAMHSA’s YR-22 CCBHC Grant Applications.

WHY? We have discovered via our vetting process how highly prescriptive and individualized each of the new CCBHC grant applications is. SAE has successfully supported our clients to 10 out of 12 CCBHC awards, and, upon further review, we feel the best use of time and energy for agencies is to attend the SAMHSA webinars today and tomorrow, and to utilize us for focused consults. 

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM SAE A personalized, granular walkthrough of the requirements from the grant writing and quality assurance perspective, with support documentation to assist decision-making, tailored to your catchment area, your capacity, your readiness to implement infrastructural add-ons, and the great opportunity for a more comprehensive and data-driven four year strategic rollout that these two funding opportunities provide. 


Susan M. Bowler, PhD, Consultant Expert, Children and Families,
who has extensive experience in policy/program development and implementation in state child welfare, juvenile justice and children’s mental health agencies. She was the Project Director and Principal Investigator on three Children’s Mental Health (System of Care) Initiatives targeting children under 21 with serious emotional disturbances. Dr Bowler has led strategic processes that integrated services across child welfare, children’s behavioral health, and juvenile justice for the highest risk children and adolescents and their families. Most recently, Dr. Bowler has been a leader in system wide reform in the state of Rhode Island as they seek to fully integrate economic development, employment support, and clinical/social services in a single plan to assist the highest risk youth to succeed in the market economy.

Rhonda Bohs, PhD, Operations Implementation, with over 25 years of experience in conducting research and program evaluation including serving as the lead evaluator for multiple SAMHSA-funded initiatives. Additionally, Dr. Bohs has served as Site Investigator activities in the NIDA Clinical Trials Network and as Co-Principal Investigator on a P20 Research Center grant in collaboration with Florida International University and funded through the National Center on Minority Health Disparities. Dr. Bohs received her M.S. degree in Research and Ph.D. in Applied Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Social Psychology from Saint Louis University. She has conducted research and program evaluation in health disparities, as well as program evaluation in hospital, community mental health centers, health departments, community based organizations and business settings. Throughout her career, Dr. Bohs has developed an expertise in implementing and evaluating programs targeting special populations, hard‑to‑reach populations, and in developing and implementing systems of care strategies within community based organizations and integrating behavioral and primary health service delivery systems.

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