Management Consulting is a select and focused activity that supports an Agency initiative. Whether to improve care access or improve clinical performance outcomes, we are change agents and experts in operational processes and practice designs able to address current needs inclusive of: administrative, clinical, financial, IT/data metric design and quality management. Tailored roadmaps are reflective of the Agency’s strengths, challenges, unique mission, and vision of purpose and identity. At SAE, whether with a Grant Writing project or with an Operational project, we believe in positioning our client to be unique and competitive in the changing landscape of service care.

Strategic Planning

Developing and implementing a sound strategic plan is essential for an organization’s long-term success and sustainability. The strategic planning process is unique to each organization, can take between 3 and 6 months to complete, and requires organizational commitment, resources, and time. Depending on the status of their current strategic plan, some organizations may benefit from consultant support throughout the entire process while other organizations may only require consultant support for select components of the process.

A readiness assessment helps to highlight and examine organizational factors that are critical to the successful development and implementation of an effective strategic plan.  Taking a proactive approach to identifying potential barriers that can derail your strategic planning effort can save the organization valuable time and resources. The cost of not being prepared for the strategic planning process can be significant, with strategic missteps or insurmountable barriers discovered when you are well into the planning process or, worse, months into implementation of the plan.

SAE’s expert consultants for Strategic Planning projects have been key change agents in the industry and hold essential knowledge of organizational shifts that can lead tailored a Strategic Planning project for your service specific agency. With a broad bandwidth of consultants, SAE has the capacity to bring to you dedicated team leads across departments and identify champions as goal planning takes effect.