Management Consulting is a select and focused activity that supports an Agency initiative. Whether to improve care access or improve clinical performance outcomes, we are change agents and experts in operational processes and practice designs able to address current needs inclusive of: administrative, clinical, financial, IT/data metric design and quality management. Tailored roadmaps are reflective of the Agency’s strengths, challenges, unique mission, and vision of purpose and identity. At SAE, whether with a Grant Writing project or with an Operational project, we believe in positioning our client to be unique and competitive in the changing landscape of service care.

Grant & Proposal Writing

SAE has obtained more than $300 million in grant awards for our clients. We are 7 out of 7 for successful CCBHC grant applications in the last two years. 

SAE’s grants successes include awards from federal, state, and local funders as well as foundations. We credit the expertise of our grant writing staff, our excellent reviewers, and the extensive behavioral health and human service content expertise of our consultants via our unique teams-led approach. This combination of excellence, experience and expertise allows us to develop highly competitive grant proposals by:


  • Identifying appropriate funding opportunities;
  • Designing innovative and evidence-based programs that match current funding priorities;
  • Recommending strategic partners that will strengthen the competitiveness of each proposal;
  • Promoting an organization’s unique strengths and capabilities so that each proposal clearly stands out;
  • Ensuring full compliance with funder evaluation criteria; and
  • Promoting your organization with the most compelling narrative.


We offer a no-cost informational consultation to support your interest and determine your best fit, and look forward to getting you the sustainability you need now and in the years to come. Reach us at to schedule your consultation today.

Have you seen the numbers on the current Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) funding opportunity yet?  Due: May 21, 2021