Management Consulting is a select and focused activity that supports an Agency initiative. Whether to improve care access or improve clinical performance outcomes, we are change agents and experts in operational processes and practice designs able to address current needs inclusive of: administrative, clinical, financial, IT/data metric design and quality management. Tailored roadmaps are reflective of the Agency’s strengths, challenges, unique mission, and vision of purpose and identity. At SAE, whether with a Grant Writing project or with an Operational project, we believe in positioning our client to be unique and competitive in the changing landscape of service care.


Operational efficiency is the cornerstone to success.

Knowing the key indicators for operational efficiency across departments and service lines improves not only cost containment efforts but also can improve:

  •  revenue cycle management
  • optimal administrative oversight
  • concise clinical performance outcomes
  • and highlights value added services.

Operational efficiency is the capability of any organization to deliver service care, continuous improvement with accountability, and collaboration across the internal and external enterprise system.


Identifying and measuring key indicators of operational efficiency takes deep knowledge of function, roles, inputs, outputs and workflow pathways. Any operational change must address current practices, process and partners; understanding the interplay between all three and communicating on the needs for operational change is essential.


Handling out a change map is not enough. Stating a measured performance guideline is not enough.


If operational efficiency goals are across departments, or across services in an enterprise system of care, a full guidance is needed to ensure success. SAE’s expert consultants on operational efficiency can guide a Rapid Assessment of current practice and process, identify the key indicators for efficient service delivery, identify the risks to efficiency and build a roadmap with benchmarks for operational change needs. SAE’s expert consultants are also change agents in leading operational change processes with communication on using metrics to monitor success as well as to monitor risk.