Management Consulting is a select and focused activity that supports an Agency initiative. Whether to improve care access or improve clinical performance outcomes, we are change agents and experts in operational processes and practice designs able to address current needs inclusive of: administrative, clinical, financial, IT/data metric design and quality management. Tailored roadmaps are reflective of the Agency’s strengths, challenges, unique mission, and vision of purpose and identity. At SAE, whether with a Grant Writing project or with an Operational project, we believe in positioning our client to be unique and competitive in the changing landscape of service care.

SAE Retainer Service

SAE is a behavioral health consultant firm with substantial knowledge and expertise in policy, clinical, operational, business and strategic growth management.  Dedicated to innovative and effective care and to enhancing treatment access, SAE provides leadership, training and implementation guidance to behavioral health providers at the executive and program development level to actualize the agency’s service mission. And SAE has a firm commitment to assist community providers to address health care disparities for the most vulnerable populations of focus across the life span.

With a broad array of consultants with varying fields of expertise, SAE brings:

  • Content knowledge to solve the most pressing clinical, operational, fiscal and strategic planning questions;
  • Operational skills to mobilize, plan, launch and sustain new service lines;
  • Knowledge of policy updates to identify potential growth opportunities;
  • A broad content knowledge base to aggressively help develop highly competitive replies to grant opportunities;
  • Quality improvement expertise and experience to expand and enhance current services;
  • A broad band of research and operational knowledge to implement evidence based practices that meet the needs of specific populations of focus; and,
  • Quality audit experience to improve patient care and to identify and reduce potential risks.

SAE’s Retainer Service is a carefully cultivated, ongoing and contracted relationship that brings the weight of all of SAE’s expertise directly to the provider. With continuous, targeted and regularly scheduled contacts, the retainer service assists providers to identify and reach an organization’s operational and strategic goals.

This service is customized to the provider’s needs and interests. It provides a dedicated consultant or a team of consultants for your executive and operational teams to lean on, and to turn to for strategic and operational planning sessions, thereby identifying innovative business and clinical opportunities, and offering guidance on management, clinical and quality improvement needs. And responding to the provider’s needs, a retainer consultant or team of consultants can be selected and matched based on their expertise and experience with the provider’s service needs, its populations of focus, and the potential for agency growth.


SAE’s Retainer Service has been directly impactful:

Interborough greatly values our ongoing consultation with SAE.  SAE has helped Interborough receive a SAMSHA CCBHC grant, which positions us to transform the way we provide care to the communities we serve.  I am impressed with SAE’s expertise in key areas of change in behavioral healthcare, as well as their focus on metrics important to government and payers.” 

– Dr. Stephen Gersten, CEO of Interborough

SAE offers a wide range of management consulting.

SAE assists with a range of agency transformations.

SAE guides clinical transformations.