About Us

SAE & Associates is a full service behavioral health consulting firm. We bring up-to-date and impactful technical guidance to our clients in the healthcare industry. SAE strives to help behavioral health public and private organizations meet their missions and attain their goals by expertly guiding them in diverse areas, from attaining better operational workflows to keeping up to date on the latest legislative requirements, and designing effective programs and evaluation protocols that provide the best hands-on services for the vulnerable populations they serve.

SAE & Associates, LLC (SAE) was established in 2003 by Steven A. Estrine, PhD after his retirement from the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), where he served as the Deputy Director for Adult Psychiatric Services in the OMH NYC field office. Throughout his career, Dr. Estrine has been known as an innovative thought leader in behavioral health services. His passion and commitment to the needs of the behavioral health field has been, and continues to be bringing impactful services to the most vulnerable and disenfranchised behavioral health populations in our society.

With his leadership, dedicated staff, and a superb cadre of behavioral health consultants, SAE has helped non-profit and government agencies across the country design effective programs that have generated over $300 million in grant funding. Part of this success also comes from SAE’s ability to help agencies evaluate the impact of their programs and to use this knowledge to develop more cost effective programs moving forward.

SAE is now a well-established leader helping behavioral health providers improve their resources and manage their operations more effectively, with the goal of helping these entities meet the ever increasing health challenges of the populations they serve, while also being able to successfully navigate the ever changing and challenging regulatory and financial environment within which they operate.

Our services include management consultation and coaching, program development, staff and board training, strategic planning services, resource development, grant writing and evaluation, and legislative compliance, including Parity.  We continually adapt, bringing on appropriate expertise, as the landscape changes. For example, we now have a COVID -19 behavioral health response team to help providers address the behavioral health and client engagement challenges of this pandemic. Our in-depth, hands-on knowledge of relevant clinical and operational details combined with keeping our pulse on the latest changes in government regulations makes us effective.