About Us

The Services You Need. The Expertise You Deserve. 

With an extensive cadre of experts, SAE is a well-established consulting firm focused on improving access to behavioral health and integrated care while reducing disparities for the most vulnerable and disenfranchised populations across the lifespan, especially in communities of color.


We recognize:

  • Times of crisis create dangers, but also provide opportunities for innovation and change.
  • Systems – organizations, communities, public agencies – do best when they view themselves as part of a System of Care.
  • More can be accomplished when stakeholders come together around a common agenda to create long-term solutions. “The whole is greater than the sum of its part.”
  • There are no cookie-cutter problems and no cookie-cutter solutions.


We value:

  • Systems focused change along a continuum from the individual, family, organization, community, and public sector.
  • Provider-driven needs assessments and solutions.
  • Data-driven strategies with measurable outcomes using evidence-based practices.
  • Inclusion of community stakeholders and indigenous leaders in the identification of challenges and the development of feasible and sustainable solutions, “Nothing About Us Without Us.”


Our Approach:

Every situation is unique.  With over 40 experts in all areas of behavioral health and non-profit operations and business management, SAE tailors its vast resources to meet individual organizational needs.  Teams are developed with experts selected based on agency-identified needs and strategies for implementation. 

To start the conversation today, reach out directly here: info@saeassociates.com