Maximizing the Impact of Evaluation on Your Agency

By now, you may have heard our podcast: From the Lens of a SAMHSA Grant Reviewer, which included guidance on how to make an agency’s SAMHSA grant application stand out to increase their chance of getting the funding award. Today’s podcast is focused on what happens AFTER an agency gets the grant. Dr. Rhonda Bohs, one of our key program evaluation experts, calls Thomas Cruz of SAE to provide some need-to-knows on 1) how to make sure an agency meets the expectations of a grant and 2) maximizing the positive impact of evaluation on an agency.

During the podcast, they discuss the following:
  • ensuring an agency is meeting the requirements of the grant received through evaluation;
  • the benefit of evaluation in assessing how consumers are progressing as they use an agency’s treatment program + how evaluation can be used to improve that program;
  • the difference between evaluation and continuous quality improvement; and
  • how an agency can use evaluation beyond meeting what’s required for a grant.
If you have any questions on evaluation or would like to discuss how we can help your agency, email or call (212) 684-4480 to connect with our team.