New Podcast: Parity Series – Observations in the Field

For today’s SAE CAREs (Clinical And Research Experts) Podcast, members of SAE’s Independent Compliance Administrator (ICA) team continue our discussion on mental health parity. In our latest podcast, Observations in the Field, the ICA team covers the following:

  • need-to-knows for State Attorneys General, State Insurance Commissioners, and managed care organizations addressing Parity compliance issues;
  • the importance of reviewing utilization management policies and processes, benefit design, and data to develop a parity compliance profile for a health plan;
  • SAE’s lessons learned from the Parity compliance team’s three-year experience working with two State Attorneys General to address mental health parity.

SAE CAREs Podcast: Parity Series — Observations in the Field (

This is the fourth podcast of our series on mental health parity.

SAE’s Independent Compliance Administrator Team consists of Dr. Steven Estrine, Dr. Frank McCorry, Brian Baldwin, Alex Hutchinson, and Dr. Maria Messina.

More on SAE’s involvement in Mental Health Parity:

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