SAE CAREs Podcast: Parity Series – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

For today’s SAE CAREs (Clinical and Research Experts) Podcast, Thomas Cruz of SAE & Associates continues the discussion on Parity Compliance with Dr. Steven Estrine, SAE’s CEO and Project Director of the Parity Compliance activities at SAE, and special guest Alex Hutchinson, a key player of our Independent Compliance Administrator team and lead for Data Reporting.

Alex has more than 25 years of healthcare experience that includes: performance measurement and management; healthcare program assessment and implementation; and financial analysis and risk assessment. He has worked with a broad base of clients including health plans, fortune 500 corporations, public sector agencies, hospitals, and physician organizations.

During the podcast, they cover the following: 

  • the importance of the data element of parity work;
  • obstacles related to parity reporting and analysis;
  • why trend analysis is the focus, as opposed to looking at comparability in statistics;
  • the challenges that come with comparing behavioral health and physical health;
  • the misconception about parity;
  • how data can be used to improve the way behavioral health is managed;
  • the need for a collaborative effort in reporting and measurement, rather than a unilateral approach; and
  • the responsibility of the client organization to continue compliance monitoring internally to ensure sustainability of change.

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