SAE CAREs Podcast: Parity Series – How the Implementation Process Facilitates Proper Access to Care

For today’s SAE CAREs (Clinical and Research Experts) Podcast, Thomas Cruz of SAE & Associates sits down with Dr. Steve Estrine, SAE’s CEO and the Project Director of the Parity Compliance activities at SAE, and special guests Brian Baldwin and Dr. Maria Messina to continue our Parity Series of podcasts. 

SAE’s Independent Compliance Administrator Team consists of Dr. Estrine, Dr. McCorry, Brian Baldwin, Dr. Maria Messina, and Alex Hutchinson. 

During today’s discussion, the team talks about the following:

  • how the implementation process determines if the consumer has proper access to care, 
  • non quantitative treatment limits and its impact on their Parity compliance work, 
  • the importance of translating professional behavioral health language to more consumer-friendly language, and
  • how a healthy relationship between the external compliance administrator and the managed care company throughout this Parity compliance work facilitates the process.

If you have not yet heard our first podcast of the series, which provides an introduction to the Parity law and some of the challenges in complying with it, click here to listen to it:

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Stay tuned for upcoming podcast with special guest Alex Hutchinson, which will resume our discussion on Parity Compliance!