Good News! Deadline for Spending HCBS Start-up Funds Extended to End of 2016!

NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) and Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) have extended the deadline for spending one-time start-up funds for designated HCBS agencies to December 31, 2016.

If you have received HCBS start-up funds but haven’t had time to identify consultants to assist you, SAE & Associates can help you craft a detailed fiscal viability plan and carry out a successful HCBS implementation plan.

SAE & Associates is currently working with many HCBS-designated providers and has developed a tailored and “hands-on” approach to ensure the fiscal viability plan is as accurate as possible and that providers are prepared and ready to launch their new service lines. We can assist your agency with this knowledge.

  • We use a conservative approach to new business development, ensuring that whenever possible, your existing resources are utilized first.
  • We highlight hidden costs, not discussed in the HCBS manual.
  • We analyze your agency’s expenses to ensure your expense budget is as accurate as possible.
  • We can provide testimonials and references from the providers we have already helped.

SAE will ensure that you successfully launch and sustain your HCBS initiative.

Having an accurate and realistic financial plan is a critical first step in launching a new service line. We are currently executing contracts to assist providers with their HCBS services. If you haven’t chosen a consulting firm to assist you with your HCBS fiscal viability plan or service line implementation, contact Kate at SAE (212-684-4480) to schedule an appointment with our HCBS support team.