Addressing Addiction for Mental Health Awareness

From 2001 to 2014, there is a 2.8-fold increase in the total number of National Overdose Deaths from Prescription Drugs.


From a 2011 CDC study, the Source of abused prescription painkillers are from friends or relative.


A State-by-State analysis of health care cost attributable to the abuse of prescription painkillers total an estimated $25 billion in 2007 with key variances noted at the state level.


When mental health is impacted by addiction, the cost can be counted by lives lost, as well as by dollars. At a time when policy and practice aim for higher quality care with lower cost to the system, how addiction treatment and care are addressed is a large part of the equation. Especially knowing the route of transmission for prescription drugs start close or at home, saying “no” clearly is not the answer when the prescription pills come from the hand of a friend or loved one. Additionally, with State-to-State comparison for prevalence and cost, local policy and practice need to reflect a regional sensitivity to impact prevention and treatment outcomes.

A population health mantra that rings true is: “There is no health without mental health”

And when mental health is afflicted by addiction: “It’s too late when there’s no pulse to take”.

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