Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE): FY 2020 Education Stabilization Fund: Reimagine Workforce Preparation (ESF-RWP) Grants Program

Funder: Department of Education

Deadline: 08/24/2020

Award Details: Estimated Range of Awards:

Number of Awards: 9

Target Population: The purpose of the ESF-RWP Grants program is to provide support to help States with the highest coronavirus[1] burden create or expand short-term education and training opportunities and/or or career pathways programs that help citizens return to work, become entrepreneurs, or expand their small businesses (as described under Absolute Priority 1); or to enable States to create or expand small business incubators that offer education and training, mentorship, as well as shared facilities and resources that will help small businesses recover and grow and new entrepreneurs thrive (as described under Absolute Priority 2).


State Workforce Boards function under the Governor’s direction, and include representatives of education, small business, labor and economic development, making them well suited to administer these grants on behalf of a State. Grants may support, through subgrants or contractual relationships, a variety of entities, including state higher education agencies, institutions of higher education, and other postsecondary and continuing education and training providers. Nontraditional educational providers, including those engaged in apprenticeship and other work-based learning opportunities (such as training providers under Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) title I programs), National Apprenticeship sponsors, and Standards Recognition Entities are eligible to receive funds, through subgrants, as part of an ESF– RWP Grant project.

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