Funder: New York State

Deadline: 06/16/2021

Award Details: Partnership to Support Aging in Place in Communities Severely Impacted by COVID-19

The RFP calls for the development of local partnerships between behavioral health and aging support services to provide outreach, off-site services and supports, engagement with peers and the innovative use of technology to meet the unmet needs of older adults in New York State. This round of grants will focus on supporting aging in place for individuals, age 55 years and older, with mental health and substance abuse issues, and will focus on communities severely impacted by COVID-19.

Purpose of the Request for Proposals
The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to invite eligible applicants to submit proposals for developing a “Partnership to Support Aging in Place in Communities Severely Impacted by COVID-19” (hereafter referred to as “The Partnership”) program to support adults, age 55 and older, to age in place in either OMH supportive housing or other community located housing where older adults reside. The program model will require the development of formal partnerships between the primary applicant,
identified as an Office of Mental Health (OMH) licensed provider, and both a NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) provider and the NYS Office for Aging (NYSOFA) local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). This RFP can be used to expand or enhance existing programs or can be used to develop a new program that meets all of the program requirements. Both types of proposals will be evaluated using the same criteria.

Number of Awards: For a five-year grant period, OMH will award a minimum of six successful applicants up to $300,000 a year for a total grant outlay of $9,000,000. Contingent upon the amount of available funding, OMH anticipates awarding at least six contracts to begin 01/01/2022.

Target Population: The RFP was developed in accordance with Section 7.41 of the Mental Hygiene Law, which calls for OMH to establish a geriatric service demonstration program to provide grants to providers of mental health care to older adults. The program model developed under this RFP will serve adults, age 55 and older, whose independence and continued tenure in the community are at risk due to the impacts of aging on physical health, mental health and/or substance use treatment needs. For individuals living in supportive housing, the services built into that model may not provide the comprehensive supports needed by older adults with complex medical, behavioral health and social needs. For older adults living in other types of housing in the community with unidentified behavioral health needs who may not be connected to the system of care, the program will provide outreach and linkage to needed services. The program could also provide supports and services to assist individuals currently residing in congregate housing programs to transition to supportive housing in a community integrated setting.


Eligible applicants are either (1) not-for-profit agencies with 501(c) (3) incorporation that are funded or licensed by OMH and operate outpatient programs for adults or, (2) local government units in New York State. State Operated programs are not eligible to respond to this RFP. Agencies that do not meet eligible applicant criteria may partner with an eligible applicant, but they themselves would not be able to respond to this RFP. The eligible applicant must submit the proposal and – if awarded a contract – will be the recipient of the grant funding and assume responsibilities for the contract and fiscal and program operations.


In addition to eligibility requirements noted above, applicants must submit Letters of Commitment as referenced in Section 5, 5.2 A.1. These letters are not simply a Letter of Support. These letters must identify partnership responsibilities, which include significant collaborative commitment to and involvement in planning, implementation, and oversight of “The Partnership” program during the five-year grant period.


The Letters of Commitment must also outline all financial arrangements between partners, and these arrangements will also be reflected in the Operating Budget and Budget narrative. All partnership agreements must include a draft of financial arrangements or considerations between partners to be considered for the RFP. Final contracts can be negotiated after receiving an award.(See Section 5.3.D) If unsure if your agency is an eligible applicant, contact the Issuing Officer identified in Section 2, 2.1. 7 Please be advised that all questions regarding Eligibility will be responded to through the official posting of the Questions and Answers.


No questions about Eligibility will be responded to either individually or prior to the posting of the Q&As.

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