FY 2020 Supplemental Comprehensive Housing Counseling Grant Program

Funder: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Deadline: 07/08/2020

Award Details: Up to approximately 30 awards from the funds available. HUD's estimate of $3,500,000 is based on the projected number of agencies that will be eligible and apply for funds under this FY 2020 Supplemental funding opportunity.

Number of Awards: 30

Target Population: The purpose of HUD's Housing Counseling Grant Program is to provide funds to HUD-approved housing counseling agencies that provide counseling and advice to tenants and homeowners, with respect to property maintenance, financial management and literacy, and other matters as may be appropriate to assist program clients in improving their housing conditions, meeting their financial needs, and fulfilling the responsibilities of tenancy or homeownership. This plays an integral role in helping individuals and families obtain housing and stay in their homes through responsible homeownership or affordable rental housing. Housing counseling agencies are an important safeguard in the prevention of housing scams and discrimination and serve as an important gateway to local, state, federal and private housing assistance and resources.


Link to RFP: https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/spm/gmomgmt/grantsinfo/fundingopps/schcp