Department of Labor Consolidated Funding Applications for Workforce Development Initiatives Existing Employee Training (CFA WDI – EET)

Funder: New York State

Deadline: 11/27/2020

Award Details: EET awards may not exceed $100,000 for Applicants with 2-50 employees; $200,000 for Applicants with 51-100 employees; or $300,000 for Applicants with 101 or more employees.

Number of Awards: see FOA for full details

Target Population: The purpose of this Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) for Workforce Development Initiatives (CFA WDI) Existing Employee Training (EET) Request for Applications (RFA) is to provide occupational skills training, commensurate with Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) priorities, to existing employees who are in low and middle-skills occupations leading to job advancement and retention


Eligible Applicants for EET funding include: for-profit entities, including corporations, LLCs and LLPs; and private sector NFP entities, which:

  • Need occupational skills training course(s), which can be completed in one year or less, in order for the employees in low and middle-skills occupations to attain or retain positions in middle-skills occupations. For this RFA, the skill level of occupations will be determined based on Job Zones of occupations as listed in the Occupational Information Network (O*NET). For details on the skill level of occupations, see the Program Services Section (III.C.) of this RFA;
  • Have two or more employees or the equivalent of two full-time employees. Principals of corporations and owners of businesses such as sole proprietors or partners in partnerships, are not considered to be employees for this eligibility requirement. An Applicant is not eligible to apply if it has no employees or if the workers are independent contractors, subcontractors or contract employees. However, if an Applicant leases its employees for payroll and tax reporting purposes, and has authority over the hiring, firing and scheduling of workers, it is eligible for funding consideration; and
  • Are in good standing with regard to the laws, rules, and regulations for: Unemployment Insurance (UI), Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN), Public Work, Labor Standards, Safety and Health, NYS Department of State Division of Corporations, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Disability Insurance.

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