Funding Opportunities


The following is not a fully representative list. If you are interested in other opportunities or RFPs, including at the state level, please email us directly at

The anticipated details represented below are always subject to change; we do our best to update accordingly. SAE Behavioral Health Consulting looks forward to working with you to integrate these potential sustainability resources with your current business plans.

AgencyTitleAwardsTotal FundsCeilingLengthDueLink for FOA
SAMHSAState Opioid Response Grants59$1,439,500,000See Appendix K, each state not less than $4,000,000, each territory not less than $250,000.27/18/2022Read More
OASAS - Office of Addiction Services and SupportsCommunity Coalitions - Round Two n/a$1,800,000$150,0003 year7/6/2022Read More
OASAS - Office of Addiction Services and SupportsRFA NYS OASAS SOR 2020 –Mobile Medication Units (MMU) Round Two 3$1,650,000$550,0001 year7/6/2022Read More
HRSARural Communities Opioid Response Program – Medication Assisted Treatment AccessApproximately 10$10,000,000$1,000,0003 year7/29/2022Read More
OASAS Office of Addiction Services and SupportsMobile Medication Unit RFA - SUPP 1012Approximately 5-8Up to a total of $3.3 million in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) Block Grant funds is available to assist OTPs in developing MMUs.$500,000One-time award per application for 2 years of operational support7/19/2022Read More
US DOJ BJA FY 2022 Improving Adult and Juvenile Crisis Stabilization and Community Reentry Program57500001500003 year7/28/2022Read More