Evaluation Services

SAE Behavioral Health Evaluation Services, DBA

For a summary of our SAMHSA quantitative program evaluation experienceclick here!

The fast moving and often complex transformation of behavioral health services requires behavioral-health care providers to establish a fundamentally sound evaluation platform in order to develop and implement an effective set of strategies ensuring they not only survive but thrive in this challenging environment. 

SAE Behavioral Health Evaluation Services, DBA, provides clients with a wide range of high quality evaluation services and support. These services include:

  • Evaluations that enhance organizational performance and improve the quality of life for the consumers of your services;
  • Independent evaluations that are consistent with the requirements of HHS 45 CFR 74.43;
  • Evaluation platforms to answer “who does what to whom, to what effect and ultimately at what cost? “, to help your agency make the most compelling presentation of your work to your Board, your funders, and other stakeholders, including managed care and insurance companies that may seek to use your services;
  • Data metrics support to produce high quality, actionable information that promotes data driven decision making; and
  • Grant implementation support that facilitates communication between the funding agency and your project staff, through regular mentoring of program staff regarding evaluation requirements.

SAE Behavioral Health Evaluation Services, DBA, offers the following analytic approaches to grant funded agencies:

  • state-of-the-art statistical techniques to analyze data;
  • reliable and valid behavioral and medical health indicators to evaluate integrated health care for behavioral health care consumers of services;
  • use of dosage logs to verify types and numbers of interventions provided;
  • verification of adherence to evidence-based interventions;
  • timely reporting of evaluation results to project stakeholders and funders; and
  • outcome evaluations that focus on the Triple Aim of improving health care outcomes, improving the patient’s experience of care, and lowering the cost of care.

Please note that SAE & Associates has now evolved into two separate companies, one of which is SAE Behavioral Health Evaluation Services, DBA, a step that SAE has voluntarily taken to address the requirements of HHS 45 CFR 74.43, thereby avoiding any issues relative to potential organizational conflicts of interest.

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