Norman Brier

Mr. Brier has recently concluded a 30+ year career in New York State Government, recently as Office of Mental Health (OMH) Director of Strategic Financial Direction and Senior Consultant to the OMH Executive Deputy Commissioner. Mr. Brier’s career has focused on development and management of financial strategies to abet new human services program initiatives, in the area of child welfare, and in child and adult mental health. His OMH program initiatives have included development and implementation of Comprehensive Outpatient Programs (COPs) and Community Support Programs (CSP) to support activities not previously reimbursed by Medicaid; the Prepaid Mental Health Program (PMHP), a voluntary behavioral health managed care plan for individual seeking mental health services directly from OMH; and Rehabilitation Services for residents of OMH Community Residences. More recently, Mr. Brier was a principal in development and implementation of OMH regulations Part 599, the recodification of OMH regulations for OMH licensed clinics, and transition to clinic reimbursement using “Ambulatory Patient Groups” (APGs), the addition of behavioral health services for adults into Medicaid Managed Care and the development and implementation of Health and Recovery Plans (HARPs). Mr. Brier’s notable non-NYS activities included a brief stint as a consultant to the US Treasury in an assignment to assess the financial issues facing the government of Montenegro, and as a financial consultant to and expert witness for the counsel in the successful defense in a multi-billion dollar Federal Fraudulent Claims Act lawsuit.