John Harvey

John Harvey has over 30 years of experience developing programs and funding for populations served by local government, community collaborations of providers, and non-profit behavioral health agencies. He has provided contractual services for state and local governmental institutions, and a wide variety of non-profits. From 1985 through 1996, he worked in County government, as resource coordinator for juvenile detention and probation, as a program consultant for the Community Mental Health Board, and as a grants administrator for the State’s Attorney. During this time, he developed expertise shaping specialized services for offenders and persons with co-occurring disorders, and working in local collaborations addressing child abuse, domestic violence, reentry services for offenders, family and youth homelessness, and mental illness. Mr. Harvey has provided consultation to the County Continuum of Care Coordination team for over 20 years, assuming primary responsibility for the narrative of the annual County application to HUD. He has written over 20 successful applications [and ongoing renewals] for Supportive Housing, and a Supportive Services application for homeless youth outreach and stabilization. He has written successful grants and proposals for trauma-informed treatment for adolescents and adults abusing substances, enhanced services for persons with serious mental illness, wraparound services for homeless families with children, community prevention coalitions, crisis intervention and diversion services for youth engaged in status offenses, and the integration of primary and behavioral health care, including a SAMHSA Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration initiative, and several New Access Point and behavioral health expansion applications for Federally Qualified Health Centers.