Gideon Rabino


Gideon Rabino led a multi-disciplinary team of medical and social work professionals in an all-out effort addressing the heroin epidemic followed by the onset of the HIV epidemic plaguing over 400 patients in the South Bronx, for which he and his team were awarded Best Clinic. He then received an offer from NYS OASAS to join their Regional Office team. For 21 of his 32 years with OASAS, Gideon served as Regional Coordinator for NYC and adjacent communities, overseeing small to very large and complex entities, and providing treatment prevention and recovery services in settings ranging from hospitals to residential and outpatient programs to schools and community centers. In that capacity Gideon, under the leadership of OASAS’ Chief Counsel, assisted in the implementation of Parity for NY’s addicted population by ensuring access to behavioral health and referring complaints to counsel’s office and OASAS/ OMH Ombudswoman. He then took an active role in establishing managed-care contracts between substance use providers and managed-care organizations (MCOs). In addition, he worked directly with providers on all aspects of their operations ranging from governance, leadership, fiscal management, capital development, compliance and certification, personnel and legal issues, patients’ rights, emergency preparedness and crisis management which entailed responses to hurricanes, 9-11 and, more recently, the COVID – 19 pandemic. An extremely important aspect of his role at OASAS entailed helping providers identify and adapt best practices to address the emerging opioid addiction epidemic within NYS.