What to Expect from SAE’s No-Fee Grant Writing Consult

The Consultation

When you have identified a funding opportunity of interest, email or call SAE Behavioral Health Consulting to schedule a no-fee consultation.

You and your team will be invited into a conference call led by Dr. Rhonda Bohs, SAE’s Director of Program Operations and Evaluation, who utilizes a big-picture lens to assess each agency’s operational capacity to implement the opportunity if and when awarded. Dr. Bohs helps to identify initial gaps around service provision, and from there, makes a recommendation regarding readiness and the overarching applicability of each opportunity under the umbrella of each agency’s strategic goals.

Initial consults can be for one funding opportunity or a list of them. We care about each agency’s success and do not recommend applications that may be out of reach for the time being – nor do we take on new clients who present competition for a current client seeking the same funding.

In the rare occasions when an agency is not ready for a particular funding stream, we provide an additional service component in the form of our “grant readiness program.” We work together with each agency to tailor a series of dedicated work sessions with a top-level development expert to support the fulfillment of each goal on the road to full competitive capability. We simplify the process, present important knowledge in actionable bites, educate teams where necessary, conduct these sessions in an easy-to-manage time frame, and help you measure your outcomes.

After the consultation, if you’re ready to move forward with SAE as a partner in your application process, Susan Liebold, SAE’s Director of Contracts and Fiscal Management, will contact you to discuss any financial considerations and confirm next steps.

Prioritizing Your Experience

Dr. Bohs then identifies a built-for-you team of consultant experts comprised of an experienced lead writer and an additional expert who provides quality assurance checks on the progress of your submission. We seek to alleviate stress on you and your workforce by eliminating as many unknowns as possible and by providing supports via checklists, time-bound and role-specific work plans, and any additional supporting documents or requirements needed to fulfill each application in a way that best represents your communities of focus.

Our Commitment

Twenty years ago, we were New York-specific. Thanks to successful relationships with our clients, we have helped gain $360 million+ in funding on behalf of the populations they serve, and SAE continues to work to increase access to care and equity for those populations.

Today, we work with behavioral health providers and agencies across the country, garnering success in rural as well as urban areas. Our consultant base is equally diverse, with more than half based outside of New York State.

Contact Us

Reach us via phone or email to schedule your consultation, and expect to hear back from us within 24 business hours.

DIAL (212) 684-4480 or email info@saebhc.com. We look forward to hearing from you. All the best, SAE