What’s the Difference Between the Community Needs Assessment Requirement and Section A in SAMHSA’s CCBHC Grant Applications?


Dr. Rhonda Bohs, who leads our one-to-one consults and orients each team to each applicant agency, answered:

“Section A is asking for the context for the story, through demographics and contextual issues about the community and population of focus. Section B of the proposal presents the proposed solutions to the needs and gaps identified in Section A.  In short, each agency will have to ask itself “Why does the community and the people in the community need the proposed program?”

Dr. Susan M. Bowler also weighed in:

“These all important sections require you to share quite concretely that your agency has the depth of experience needed to meet the also clearly defined needs of your population of focus. To anyone reading your application, it’s the difference between “mint ice cream” and “mint chocolate chip with a chocolate square on top under a swirl of raspberry topping.”


AHCI Community Health Improvement has put together an excellent toolkit which pulls the requirements for a community needs assessment together from the perspective of gathering relevant data and using that data to inform and prioritize your services.

SAE & Associates | SAE Behavioral Health Consulting will continue to offer our no-fee consults for both SAMSHA’s CCBHC-PDI and CCBHC-IA grant applications through Wednesday, April 13.