A Message from SAE

Thanks to a prior season of tremendous growth and success, SAE is proud to announce enhancements to our ability to provide behavioral health providers with the most talented, knowledgeable, and experienced grant writers, content experts, and evaluators.

Specifically, we are: 

  • Redesigning our website to more easily showcase our outstanding grant writers, evaluators, and content experts; 
  • Vetting and strategically aligning our grant writing teams for you, supported by quality assurance guidelines; 
  • Offering short, FOA*-specific “Ask The Experts” video call-ins that will feature consultant experts responding to your most pressing questions; 
  • Establishing an internal learning collaborative led by Director of Evaluation & Quality Assurance Dr. Rhonda Bohs, to strengthen our consultants’ knowledge base in mental health, substance abuse, and integrated care through a comprehensive quality assurance/quality improvement process.


We are delighted to welcome Dr. Ashawnda Fleming to the SAE team as our new Grants Program Manager, and will introduce her in great depth later this month.

To increasing access to care for vulnerable populations, 

Steven A. Estrine, PhD, President & CEO