SAE CAREs Podcast: The Impact of Integrated Care on COVID-19

By now, you may have read our recent White Paper: The Impact of COVID-19 and a Proposal for Service Innovation. As a follow-up, SAE continues to focus on specific elements of the document during this current series of podcasts.

We recently released our SAE CAREs (Clinical And Research Experts) Podcast on Systems of Care in Response to COVID-19, featuring Fern Zagor. Today’s SAE CAREs Podcast is “The Impact of Integrated Care on COVID-19”, featuring Dr. Rhonda Bohs! During the podcast, she addresses the following:

  • How can integrated care impact the outcome, experience, and long-term effects of this pandemic?
  • In what ways can evaluation, at this time for innovative modeling, be a tool for practice management and practice advancement?
  • What have we learned about advancing promising practices and models of care, like Systems of Care, to fit community needs and special populations?

Listen to our latest podcast on Integrated Care here!

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