SAE Consultant Spotlight: Dr. Rhonda Bohs

Rhonda Bohs, PhD, is an experienced applied experimental psychologist with more than 30 years in the application of evidence-based practice to community-based behavioral health and integrated care programs, community systems transformation, and system/program evaluation and clinical trial research. Dr. Bohs has implemented numerous innovative and evidence-based treatment programs including the integration of primary and behavioral healthcare, implementation of culturally-specific behavioral health interventions, program evaluation of SAMHSA System of Care Transformation Grant initiatives, and the development of managed care pilot projects demonstrating the effectiveness of consumer/peer services and evidence-based practice. Dr. Bohs’s experience working within non-profit community-based programs and community stakeholders, in addition to her research and program evaluation initiatives coupled with her academic background, have allowed her to develop expertise in the following areas: Implementation Science, Transforming Systems of Care, Integrated Care, Applied Program Evaluation, Research and Clinical Trials, sustainability of new programs and practices, and the dissemination of lessons learned when clinical trial research is applied to “real world” community-based programs, agencies, and large systems.

Last week, we released our SAE CAREs (Clinical And Research Experts) Podcast on Systems of Care in Response to COVID-19Stay tuned for our upcoming SAE CAREs Podcast featuring Dr. Bohs! During the podcast, she will address the following:

  • How can integrated care impact the outcome, experience and long term effects of this pandemic?
  • In what ways can evaluation, at this time for innovative modeling, be a tool for practice management and practice advancement? 
  • What have we learned about advancing promising practices and models of care, like SOC, to fit community needs and special populations?