Resources Available for New Federal Grant Applicants has made available a handful of resources for entities interested in applying for federal grant opportunities.

1. Training Videos has a YouTube Channel with over 50 up-to-date videos that walk users through the steps to search for opportunities on, create a workspace, add applicant team members to the workspace, complete application forms, and various other assistance tools.

2. Roles & Privileges

Organization E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC) or user with the Expanded Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role can assign the organization user a core role, custom role, or no role.The Roles & Privileges resource page clearly defines the different roles and privileges that can be assigned to a user. Use this resource as a reference, for example: when you’re unsure what role gives a team member the ability to submit a completed application. 

3. Grants Learning Center

The Learn Grants section presents new applicants with a high-level overview of the Federal Grants world. It contains everything from an overview of the application lifecycle, to profiles of federal grant-making agencies, a glossary of key terminology, and other tools that will help new applicants navigate the federal financial assistance application process. 

4. Workspace Overview

The Workspace Overview page identifies detailed step-by-step approaches for applicants who interested in using There’s a scenario approach for:

  • organizations with just 1 to 2 registered users;
  • organizations with 3-5 registered users;
  • organizations with external users, such as consultants;
  • organizations that want to create custom roles and assign them to users affiliated with their organization.

5. User-Friendly Online Help

The Online User Guide is user-friendly and allows you to easily browse topics in the Table of Contents, or perform a keyword search for other topics.