May is Mental Health Awareness Month

This year, as we continue to adjust to the changes, stress, and losses that COVID-19 has brought, awareness of emotional wellness is as important as ever.
Communities have suffered differently with COVID-19. Disparities in health have become more apparent in communities with higher mortality rates, and the physical and emotional toll on our nation’s first responders and essential workers have been severe, with an increase in incidences of suicide. Financial insecurity has led to increased food insecurity and fears of economic survival for many. Grief and loss have diminished emotional security for individuals and families, and this will continue past the peak of COVID-19 and into the future.
As the nation moves forward and addresses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it is the responsibility of the behavioral health providers and government to continue to address the mental health and integrated care needs of our nation.
On the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) website, you can access resources for mental health needs and coping with COVID-19.
SAE supports behavioral health and integrated care to address service access, improved population health outcomes, and solutions for emotional resiliency. If you would like to explore how we can help you address your agency’s needs during COVID-19, email to connect with our team.