Developing Competitive Responses to SAMHSA Funding Opportunities

After what felt like a short off-season, grant season is here once again. The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has already announced a handful of new funding opportunities:
Have you heard our podcast highlighting effective ways to approach SAMHSA funding opportunities? The following SAE CAREs Podcast features Stanley Kusnetz, who was with SAMHSA for over 20 years and was their Senior Review Administrator. He developed much of SAMHSA’s current review material, including their present scoring system! 
During the podcast, we discussed the following:
  • how SAMHSA applications are actually scored by SAMHSA reviewers;
  • the underestimated weight of the description of your population in your application, regardless of numerical cap;
  • a SAMHSA reviewer’s hate toward generalities in a narrative;
  • the importance of having one person (either in-house or an external reviewer) make sure all parts of the narrative and application tie together before submission to SAMHSA;
  • ensuring an organization’s sustainability after the grant period has ended; and
  • how to make an application stand out to increase an applicant’s chance of being awarded funding.
If you’d like to connect with Stanley Kusnetz or would like to learn more about SAE’s grant writing services, feel free to email or call (212) 684-4480.