SAMSHA Grantees: Making Use of Technical Assistance Funds

SAMSHA grantees can look forward to accessing technical assistance (TA) funds tied to the award they received for 2018 projects. Previously, TA was offered at the national level with designated TA centers by region and grant type. However, SAMSHA is now offering a different way to support providers’ need for TA with a budget line specific for TA. With an understanding that local TA can bring direct value to grantees addressing specific operational needs internal to their own management and challenges, SAMSHA is now allowing grantees the option to secure their own TA experts.  Securing knowledgeable and experienced subject matter experts are important criteria for choosing your TA.

SAE’s Evaluation team consists of experienced facilitators of local TA. With a direct understanding of grant requirements, evaluation process and outcome, and operational process flow for service launch, grant management and service transitions, SAE offers a wide range of TA-focused capabilities.
SAE offers the following TA capabilities:
  • Logic Modeling and Program Design
  • Program Evaluation and Implementation
  • Randomized Control Study
  • Evaluation in Multiple Settings
  • Client-Centered Orientation
  • Data Visualization
  • Program Sustainability for Post Grant Terms
  • Organization Agility Assessment
  • Performance Measures for Service Goals
  • Outcome and Population Datasets
  • Operational Performance and Financial Benchmarks
  • Overcoming Technical Disruptions
  • EHR and Operational Management Tools
  • Quality Improvements and Corrective Improvements