Let our operational knowledge work for you.

For the past four years, SAE has:
  • functioned as a state-appointed (NYS) Parity compliance monitor overseeing and working with a large Health Plan and its behavioral health vendor to ensure that the Health Plan took the necessary steps to reach a degree of Parity compliance that met the state’s litigated criteria;
  • assisted another large northeast state Attorney General’s office to create individual Parity report cards for each of the state’s six Health Plans; and
  • currently been working with a west coast Health Plan and its vendors to address Parity deficiencies noted by the state in its annual review of the state Health Plans’ yearly Parity compliance progress efforts.

Basically, SAE takes a health plan’s information and process material as defined by the Parity template and roadmap and reviews its operational applicability from an experienced clinical and data metric perspective. To view a sample of our operational deliverables, please review the NYS Attorney General’s report on the state’s overall Parity compliance progress. Please note that we were the external Parity compliance monitor noted in this document that also issued quarterly compliance reports over a three-year period regarding a Health Plan’s specific progress toward Parity compliance. Quantifiable measures of the Plan’s progress resulting from our compliance oversight are also noted in this document.

The NYS Attorney General’s report is publicly available.
To view the report, click the following link:
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