SAE Continues to Strengthen Addiction Treatment Team of Experts to Tackle the Opioid Crisis

In response to America’s growing opioid crisis, SAE assembled a team of leading professionals with addiction treatment expertise in program development and expansion, maintaining regulatory compliance, maximizing revenue, licensing, achieving fiscal efficiency, and measuring outcomes and quality of care. Members of the team also function as content experts to strengthen grant submissions for providers that seek federal, state, and county funding to treat substance abuse.
In case you missed it, you can listen to our podcast: “Treating Addiction is a Team Sport”, which features two key members of our SUD team of experts.
During the podcast, they address the following:
  • the biggest challenges facing addiction treatment providers today;
  • practices to consider for implementing medication-assisted treatment;
  • crucial need-to-knows for providers about the harm reduction approach;
  • the importance of treating mental health and addiction concurrently, especially as more states begin to tackle the opioid epidemic;
  • key elements for addressing opioid use disorder (i.e., naloxone, misprescribing opioid medications, and medication-assisted treatment); and
  • how addiction treatment providers can thrive in the changing environment.