SAE’s grant writing service continues to be a reliable resource

SAE has been a trusted grant writing resource for behavioral health providers for several years. Our clients, nonprofit, for-profit and government agencies, have relied on our expertise and knowledge to help them develop compelling, innovative and highly competitive program narratives.
SAE’s in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of behavioral health treatments and funding sources is a powerful combination for a winning submission. We have helped our clients obtain multi-million dollar awards totaling over $230 million, and serving over 165,000 people with serious mental health and substance use disorders.
Our clients represent a wide range of populations of focus and with multiple service needs, and SAE’s staff and consultants have the breadth of knowledge to address each project with highly informed expertise of the content demands of the funding agency, be it federal, state or county. Our unique approach, utilizing a three-person team of behavioral health experts (a grant writer, a content reviewer, and a project coordinator) ensures a well written, highly competitive and comprehensive narrative submission to meet the requirements of the RFP and the expectations of the funder. In addition, SAE brings an extensive knowledge base and experience in behavioral health evaluation, a critical aspect of any successful grant submission.

For SAE, the grant writing project often begins by taking a step back to review the RFP with the client to help the client determine if the funding opportunity is not only a good fit, but one in which the agency can have a competitive edge in responding. The cost and time to respond to government funding opportunities is considerable, so we take this step of the process seriously to help our clients make cost effective decisions.
We then work out an agreed upon schedule to exchange material and drafts to ensure the due date is met with a comfortable process and ample time to conduct our internal draft reviews. Throughout this developmental process, we encourage the participation of, and feedback by our content reviewer (a population of focus expert) to help the SAE grant writer further enhance the narrative. As needed we may draw on other SAE resources for input such as an independent final draft narrative reviewer.
To get an understanding of our process and expertise and to see if we might be a good resource for your next grant application effort, check out a few of the resources below from the SAE website ( or simply call SAE at (212) 684-4480 for a free consultation to answer your questions about a possible grant submission.
Go to the “Grants Secured” section of our Grant Writing page for a list of the awards SAE has helped obtain.