CCO/HH Applications To Serve Individuals With Intellectual And/Or Developmental Disabilities Due November 30

This month, Kerry Delaney, Acting Commissioner of the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), announced the final Care Coordination Organization / Health Home Application to Serve Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities. Click here to view the full announcement.

Applications are due November 30, 2017, and application documents can be found on the Department of Health (DOH) website.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to explore how we can help you in this arena, call (212) 684-4480 to connect with one of our lead experts in developmental disabilities, Allen Schwartz.

More on Allen Schwartz:

Allen A. Schwartz, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who started his career implementing the Willowbrook Consent Decree in New York City as part of the newly formed Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (then OMRDD). He spent 33 years in state government as a leading “change champion” for OPWDD, designing innovative services and supports. OPWDD is now a $10 billion human services agency in New York serving 130,000 people with I/DD and their families in partnership with over 450 not-for profit providers. He was responsible for leading OPWDD’s transition to person-centered planning and individualized services, and designed and implemented consumer-directed services within OPWDD’s HCBS waiver. He worked for three years at the Westchester Institute for Human Development (a University Center for Excellence in I/DD) on a five-year self-determination project with a consortium of five participating states. He helped formulate policy and curricula content for this National Training Initiative, and developed tools, research materials, and policy papers to assist states and organizations in scaling up their promotion of self-advocacy, self-direction, and health literacy.