Executive Coaching Available In The Field Of Addiction Treatment

With changing requirements and opportunities in the service field, a guided approach for development can be helpful. Linking to a coach who understands the service history and also the current demands in service delivery and service outcomes can yield lasting results. Expert coaching is supportive, informative, and personalized.

Expert coaching can help with:

  • identifying opportunities for business growth;
  • developing action plans for challenges;
  • staying updated on moving policies, plans, and requirements; and
  • systematizing operational goals to match service opportunities.

SAE’s Executive Coaching services are now available in the following areas: addiction treatment, evaluation, population health, mental health Parity.

Our coaching services include:

  • a termed timeline to engage in scheduled coaching sessions for members of your team;
  • think tank sessions that are focused and informed;
  • services tailored and specialized to the demands, interests, and concerns of your service agency’s needs; and
  • developed team action steps to track potential for change and define business goals.

Bruce G. Trigg, MD, one of our addiction treatment experts, is a public health physician who worked for 23 years with the New Mexico Department of Health as the medical director for the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Program. He led the effort to implement a public health and methadone maintenance program at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque. Dr. Trigg helped to develop and expand the statewide harm reduction program, including a needle and syringe exchange program, buprenorphine treatment, and overdose prevention with provision of naloxone. Since retiring from the Department of Health in 2011, Dr. Trigg has been the medical director for Opioid Treatment Programs in New Mexico. He has worked with the University of New Mexico ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) Program, a collaborative model of medical education and care management, and was on the faculty for physician buprenorphine waiver trainings.