Do you have an OMIG headache?

Preparing to contest OMIG’s final analysis of your case reviews is a daunting task and if not thoroughly conducted, it can cost your organization money. And in many cases, a lot of money!

SAE & Associates has the capacity and experience to standardize the OMIG protocol into a score sheet to review case records (in both written and electronic formats) according to reported deficiencies. Using a team of experienced clinical case record reviewers, SAE experts review chart content using these standard protocols while also determining whether additional documentation provided by the organization during the appeal process changes the final analysis.

By connecting solutions of the clinical, administrative, and technology elements for future OMIG audits, SAE is able to identify unlabeled EHR content, conduct data dives, identify failure trends, and provide corrective action plans for effective process and practice change.

SAE & Associates can provide your organization with concrete data for your OMIG appeal process and customized plans to prevent future unfavorable OMIG results.

If your OMIG audit final analysis is giving you a headache and you’re looking for a way to contest the results, SAE & Associates can help you make your case.

More information on SAE’s OMIG Audit Support and Appeals: