Establishing a Collaborative Support System for Children and Families in New York

According to the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), data shows that children with a serious emotional disturbance are more likely to reach optimal development when supported in their home and community environment. To ensure New York’s children and families have access to the essential services, the HCBS Waiver demands a collaborative support system involving the family, treatment providers, core waiver services, and other natural supports.

The following information is from the NYS OMH website, which clearly defines the goals of the HCBS Waiver for children. 

The goals of the HCBS Waiver are:

  • to serve children with complex and significant mental health needs in their homes and communities;
  • to decrease the need for placements in psychiatric inpatient levels of care, including Residential Treatment Facilities;
  • to increase the array of Medicaid reimbursable community-based services available to children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbance and their families;
  • to use a culturally sensitive, individualized, strength-based approach to build resiliency, assist in the achievement of age-related developmental tasks, and promote emotional well-being;
  • to provide the services and supports that are specifically needed by each unique family to develop the ability to care for the child in their home in a supportive environment;
  • to offer children and families a choice of providers, when possible;
  • to provide services that promote better outcomes that are also cost-effective; and
  • to demonstrate an integrated model of partnership with the family, treatment provider, core waiver services, and other natural supports that are involved with the child and family.

Click the following link to see OMH’s HCBS Guidance Document in its entirety:

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