Financial Guidance for HCBS Children Providers

Initial Children HCBS rates have been released!

See the newly released tentative rates here: OMH Waiver Proposed Rate Review (3/10/17).

SAE is pleased to announce services to providers looking to apply for HCBS Children Services.

Given the low rates for HCBS Children’s services, choosing the right services to apply for and creating detailed financial plans are critical steps for your success. Let SAE’s Financial consultants help you make an informed decision.

Our Financial Consultant Team can:

  • Draft detailed financial plans including projected profit and units of service for each selected service line.
  • Utilize a conservative approach to new business development, ensuring that whenever possible, existing resources are utilized first.
  • Customize our financial plan to take into consideration your agency’s cost structure and current approach to providing clinical services.
  • Provide ramp-up budgets and break even analyses for each selected service.
  • Generate financial templates that can be used to track your service line launch.

While the application due date has been rolled back, make use of this window of time to identify the best possible selection of HCBS designation services with the least risk.

Contact us by emailing, or by calling (212)-684-4480 for inquiries on how our Children’s HCBS Financial Consultant Team can help.