SAE Consultant Highlight: Norwig Debye-Saxinger

We are pleased to announce that Norwig Debye-Saxinger has joined the SAE team! Norwig has dedicated his professional career to the field of substance use disorders, focusing on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and community reintegration since 1971. With his roots as a Field Representative with the NYS Narcotics Addiction Control Commission, Norwig moved on to become the Executive Deputy and Acting Commissioner of the NYS Division of Substance Abuse Services (DSAS), and Regional Director of the NYS region for Phoenix House.

As principal of NDS Strategies, LLC since 2015, Norwig has continued to advance treatment innovations for vulnerable populations as the co-chair of the OASAS Residential Service Redesign Initiative, a member of the Governor’s Advisory Board to the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, and the Executive Director of the Therapeutic Community Association of New York (TCA-NY). He has worked with the NYS Attorney General’s Office on the I-Stop Initiative and with the Administration’s various responses to the prescription drug and heroin epidemics. He is also currently Interim Executive Director of Hospitality House, an Albany-based 72-bed residential treatment service for males with substance abuse disorders.

There are increasing changes impacting the addiction community provider due to the OASAS Residential Service Redesign Initiative. Norwig can provide guidance on policy to practice changes in relation to Residential Redesign, and can develop strategies for Medicaid State block grants for SUD services.

In the coming months, SAE will bring you Norwig’s thoughts on regional and national addiction treatment service transformations and opportunities through issue briefs and podcasts. Stay tuned!