Obtaining an Integrated Care License with the NYS Office of Mental Health as Host Agency

Is your OMH-licensed agency interested in obtaining an Integrated Care License? In this fast changing behavioral health environment that stresses the importance of providing integrated behavioral health and primary care to behavioral health patients with complex care needs, the OMH as Host Agency is seeking agencies willing to take on this important service.

Thus, if your agency meets the following criteria, then you might consider applying for an Integrated Care License:

  • Already has an OMH Article 31 License and DOH Article 28 License;
  • Understands that integrated care is not co-located care;
  • Can ensure that primary care services will make up more than 5% of overall billable services;
  • Is ready to implement Integrated Medical Records for all service contacts to reflect a multi-disciplinary and integrated care approach; and
  • Is looking at revenue growth potentials that align with system changes.

With behavioral health service model changes transitioning to integrated models of care, selecting the model that best fits your Agency’s growth potential as well as your service populations’ needs is crucial. If all your answers to the above criteria are “yes”, you may be ready to apply for an Integrated Care License to better meet your consumers’ as well as your agency’s needs.

What is needed:

  • Formularized linkages and affiliations;
  • Support from a local governmental unit; 
  • Data on health needs of your service population;
  • Analysis of medical service needs and encounters types;
  • Staffing and budget projections;
  • Compliance with physical plant requirements;
  • Quality Assurance plan and procedures;
  • Documentation and workflow that captures integrated care;
  • Policy and procedures manual to address all required elements of care and reporting; and
  • Workflow design to correctly identify allowable billing codes.

We can provide additional detail on the steps and process if you would like to learn more about this opportunity to move your agency to integrated care. E-mail info@saeassociates.com with the subject line: “Integrated Care Announcement” or call us at (212)-684-4480.