Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Mentoring Program

AGENCY:  Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

DEADLINE: Applications due: May 16, 2016

AWARD: Up to $75,000 per year for up to two years. Cash or in-kind match is required. Applicants are required to have 100 percent match (1:1) from nonfederal sources in each year of the grant.

NUMBER OF AWARDS: Up to 10 awards.

ELIGIBILITY:  To apply for a DFC Mentoring grant under this FOA, the Mentor coalition must:

  1. have been in existence for at least five years (not to be interpreted as having been a DFC recipient for five years);
  2. have an active DFC grant at the time of the award; and
  3. be in good standing (not on high risk).

TARGET POPULATION: Newly-formed and/or developing coalitions that have never received a DFC grant. DFC Mentoring grant award recipients are expected to assist one or more communities in the development of coalitions working to reduce and prevent youth substance use in their communities. Although the Mentor coalition may mentor up to five coalitions at a time, given the limited resources available under this grant and the importance of the mentoring relationship, it is recommended that the Mentor work with only one or two Mentee coalitions at a time.

SUMMARY:  The purpose of this program is to provide grant funds to existing DFC recipients so they may serve as mentors to newly-formed and/or developing coalitions that have never received a DFC grant.

Recipients will be expected to achieve this by meeting the following goals:

  1. Strengthen the Mentee coalition’s organizational structure.
  2. Increase the Mentee coalition’s leadership and community readiness to address youth substance use problems in the Mentee community.
  3. Assist the Mentee coalition in working through a strategic planning process that will result in a comprehensive Action Plan.

Grants awarded through the DFC Mentoring Program are intended to assist newly forming coalitions meet all of the statutory eligibility requirements of the DFC Support Program, and be fully prepared to compete for a DFC grant on their own. Funding through this grant must support the Mentee coalition in obtaining the training and technical assistance necessary to form a community coalition capable of applying for a DFC grant.

Mentor coalition is expected to mobilize a majority of its key sector members to work collaboratively on the development of the Mentee coalition. The DFC Mentoring Program seeks to combine staff and volunteer resources from the Mentor coalition with those of the Mentee community to successfully support the development of a functioning Mentee coalition. The types of activities that are expected and allowable include, but are not limited to: education of Mentee community members; training and technical assistance for the Mentee community/coalition; development and execution of a needs assessment in the Mentee community (to include data collection and analysis), logic model development, and strategic plans (both short- and long-term). Any activity geared toward the Mentee’s ability to become DFC eligible should be included, whether it is provided by the Mentor coalition/sector members or an outside entity. The Mentee coalition is highly encouraged to obtain training and technical assistance from a variety of sources and not just the Mentor coalition.

LINK to RFP: http://www.samhsa.gov/sites/default/files/grants/pdf/sp-16-002.pdf