Making 2016 Count for Population Health!

Setting goals for population health means a stronger focus on integrated care. It’s the ability to blend behavioral health services with medical treatment needs to best effect positive outcomes for the individual. Whether alleviating depressive symptoms to improve motivation and adherence to a hypertensive medication regimen, or shifting lifestyle patterns to lower weight gain, there are clinical pathways and measure sets that will ensure fidelity to the practice protocol and are essential for reporting and reimbursement.  

Read about population health and the importance of data integration.

It’s a new year with new measures! Make sure you’re ready to start the New Year fully prepared to make the most of an Integrated Care Model. Update your billing codes and/or new measures into your clinical protocols and care pathways. Offer training to your staff to ensure best practices and follow through on the monitoring of new requirements to ensure their sustainability throughout your practice. And, lastly, make sure you’re tracking performance and payment submissions.


Check out the new CMS Measures Codes for 2016. See the specific BH Professional Preferred Specialty Measure Set.

Click here for the newly revised (12/2015) FQHC payment codes for Behavioral Health Services.

Check here for the fee schedule and payment codes from CMS on SBRIT screening at FQHC.