Stay Above the Curve in SAMHSA Evaluation!

SAE would like to congratulate you on your new SAMHSA award!

And as the saying goes: 

“the good news is you got the grant; the bad news is you got the grant”.

As you begin the process of program implementation, it is also time to think about how well your evaluation strategies will support contract reporting and quality assurance activities, and set the base for future funding now.

Let SAE’s Behavioral Health Evaluation Services help you stay above the curve with your SAMHSA Evaluation by managing your data collection efforts and advancing your statistical analyses with SPSS data software.

How do we help you stay above the curve? 

With —

  • An SPSS program uniquely tailored to mirror all SAMHSA survey and data elements that serves as a backup to your demographic spreadsheet;
  • Sophisticated data analyses at three points in time for more robust evidence of behavioral and medical outcome performance;
  • Multivariate data analytic procedures that satisfy SAMHSA’s disparity impact statement requirement;
  • Quality-assured data entry by professional program evaluators; and
  • A system that has been used by SAMHSA as a substitute when its own database has been down or compromised.

Not only are SAE evaluators experienced in utilizing a range of SAMHSA data collection tools and databases, including SAIS, TRAC, and CDP systems, we have extensive experience in compiling comprehensive data files, tracking service deliverables over time, and conducting statistically rigorous analyses to generate meaningful outcome and program findings.

If you are looking for short-term solutions or more long-term evaluation services, SAE & Associates can tailor a plan specific to your needs and objectives.

Check out our Evaluation Webinar and email us to learn how our expert Behavioral Health Evaluation Services can help you capture, assess and report continued performance successes and practices.

Or call us at 212-684-4480 for immediate help.