Data Entry Rescue by SAE’s Behavioral Health Evaluation Services!

Current grantees now face the daunting task of addressing SAMHSA’s revised data collection process after a long “downtime” and with the required mandate for grantees to continue to input, analyze and report on subject data noted during this “down” period.

As the saying goes: the good news is you got the grant; the bad news is you got the grant.”

How do you move from one process of data entry, analysis and reporting to another without feeling like each step is a challenge? SAE can help you during this difficult transition period.

Let SAE’s Behavioral Health Evaluation Services help you manage your data collection efforts. For SAMHSA grantees encountering challenges in entering and monitoring program data due to the recent transitions involving the Common Data Platform (CDP), we can help!

Not only are SAE evaluators experienced in utilizing a range of SAMHSA data collection tools and databases, including SAIS, TRAC, and CDP systems, we have extensive experience in compiling comprehensive data files, tracking service deliverables over time, and conducting statistically rigorous analyses to generate meaningful outcome and program findings.

With the shutdown of the CDP (August 2015) and the accumulation of data that must be entered into SAIS and TRAC in the coming weeks, SAMHSA grantees may find themselves inundated with data management tasks that could pose particular challenges for those not familiar with the ongoing database transitions. Whether you are seeking temporary services to help manage a backlog of data or are looking for more long-term evaluation services, SAE & Associates can tailor a plan specific to your needs and objectives.

Check out our Evaluation Webinar below and email us to learn how our expert Behavioral Health Evaluation Services can help you capture, assess and report continued performance successes and practices.