Integrated Care and Population Health: Being Relevant with Population Health Goals Outside of a DSRIP Model

Treatment access and effectiveness are increasingly measured by engagement, adherence and retention to reduce acute or urgent care needs. The focus on Healthy People 2020 can drive success for providers not yet in the fold of Medicaid Redesign models. While Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) moves forward with testing practice models that work across service sectors and special needs, the common focus is on improved health outcomes with integrated care for the highest impact to address avoidable hospital conditions that require aggressive prevention and intervention strategies. For providers not facing a Medicaid Redesign Plan, or looking for a fit within the varying practice models, the impetus for change is to stay clinically relevant, demonstrate effectiveness, and re-tool to strategically grow a sustainable and competitive model of care is crucial at this time. Not participating in a Medicaid Redesign Plan does not mean that your service designs can remain static.

An appraisal of your service competitiveness and relevance to population health goals requires action at several levels: