Mental Health Wellness Week (November 16 – 22, 2014)

Mental Health Wellness Week is now in full swing! Mental Health Wellness Week (November 16 – 22, 2014) is a public education campaign that focuses on promoting mental health wellness across the country.

The grassroots initiative seeks to:

  • Promote a better understanding of mental health wellness.

  • Address the mind/body connection.

  • Provide evidence-based approaches to improving both mental and overall physical wellness.

  • Help individuals find support groups and wellness events in their local communities.

  • Address coping skills such as:

    • Stress management techniques (i.e. breathing exercises, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation)

    • Mindfulness (i.e. “living in the moment”)

    • Lifestyle behaviors (i.e. physical activity, writing, having a support network)

    • Setting realistic goals, evaluating different lifestyle choices and techniques that help both body and mind to improve mental health wellness.

Throughout the week, hundreds of organizations across the United States host events, workshops and programs that are geared toward the specific needs of their local communities. During these events, organizations are expected to stress the importance of mental health wellness for the both the mind and body, as well as educate communities on various ways to implement mental health wellness into their lives.

Mental Health Wellness Week was created by Freedom From Fear, a national nonprofit organization founded by Mary Guardino in 1984 to advocate for mental health. Inspired by her own experiences of dealing with anxiety and depressive illnesses for more than 25 years, Guardino created Freedom From Fear to help people who are affected by depression, anxiety and related disorders through advocacy, education, community support, and research.

SAE loves hearing about individuals who turn personal experiences into a passion to positively affect others, and Mary Guardino is certainly one of them.

Check out Freedom From Fear’s website to learn more about this awesome organization!

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