Reminder for Providers: Complete/Update your SAM and Registration Status!

With the beginning of the federal fiscal year 2015 (FY15) quickly approaching (beginning October 1st), the excitement surrounding the upcoming funding opportunities for human service providers is mounting. From SAMHSA’s focus on support services for young adults, to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health’s forecasted grants to support HIV/AIDS Initiatives for Minority Men, to HRSA’s priority on facilitating the development and operation of school based health clinics in underserved communities, there is a lot to be excited about.

However, with this excitement and anticipation comes a few administrative requirements, many of which can be taken care of today. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all of the human service providers that might be interested in applying for FY15 federal funding to take a minute now to complete and/or update your System for Award Management (SAM) and registration. registration can take up to one month to complete, and SAM registration must be updated every 12 months. Active SAM and registration are required to submit any Health and Human Services (HHS) application on behalf of your organization, and these administrative steps are not ones with which you want to be dealing while you are also working towards a tight proposal development timeframe. Taking time to complete these administrative steps now can save you a lot of unnecessary stress and headaches down the line!

For a complete step-by-step guide about how to register your organization to apply for HHS funding, click here.

To register with the System for Award Management and/or update your status, click here.

To register in, click here, and to check your status, visit this page