About Us

Since its inception in 2000, SAE & Associates’s (SAE) primary mission has been to develop an unparalleled platform of behavioral health knowledge to improve access to behavioral health and integrated care for individuals and communities, predominantly of color, who struggle to overcome barriers to services. SAE also adheres to the fundamental premise of providing our clients and affected communities with scientifically proven behavioral health concepts in the form of evidence-based as well as promising practices drawn from innovative community initiatives, and through the technology of social media.

To achieve these objectives, we rely on the extensive pool of talent we have that covers the entire behavioral health clinical and operational spectrum in depth to produce excellent results on behalf of our provider clients and the populations of focus they serve.  Further, we rigorously match our behavioral assets with the needs of providers and the communities that they serve, and continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of our efforts.

Finally, SAE recognizes that many communities of color and their constituents mistrust well-intentioned entities such as SAE.  Therefore, we are strongly committed to addressing this problem by always seeking to develop an ongoing, collaborative process with key stakeholders, both formal and informal, and the populations of focus in the communities that we all strive to serve.