SAMSHA Grantees: Making Use of Technical Assistance Funds

SAMSHA grantees can look forward to accessing technical assistance (TA) funds tied to the award they received for 2018 projects. Previously, TA was offered at the national level with designated TA centers by region and grant type. However, SAMSHA is now offering a different … Read More

Let our operational knowledge work for you.

For the past four years, SAE has: functioned as a state-appointed (NYS) Parity compliance monitor overseeing and working with a large Health Plan and its behavioral health vendor to ensure that the Health Plan took the necessary steps to reach a degree of Parity … Read More

Sustainability in the Behavioral Healthcare Landscape

Behavioral health services have often been an afterthought in the overall care and prevention of illnesses. Due to the combination of stigma, policy trends, provider shortages, and a lack of parity in reimbursement and healthcare coverage, behavioral health services oftentimes lag in innovation opportunities … Read More

We’ve Won 57 SAMHSA Grants for Our Clients

Are you thinking about applying for SAMHSA’s MAT – Prescription Drug and Opioid Addiction funding? We’ve brought over $240 million in funding to our clients. Over the years, SAE has won a total of 137 grants — 83 of these being Federal, and of the 83, 57 … Read More